OK – everyone was right!

It does feel like a new start.  Not the one I wanted.  Not the one I ever envisaged.  But it is OK!  That doesn’t sound good enough does it.  It sounds a bit “I’m coping” and not more than that.

It just feels surreal really.  A bit as though I’m on holiday and will be going back home soon.  Though not.

I drove past this afternoon and it looks so empty and sad – I don’t want to go back there!

I feel a bit in limbo really.

I’m going to work tomorrow so I can sort out my car and have a break from unpacking.

It’s all a  bit strange really.  that’s all I can say.  This is all a bit vague.

2 thoughts on “OK – everyone was right!

  1. I bealive it is weird. But you are doing just fine.
    P.S. how are you doing with adapting in your new place? I was banging in every wall, door and closet for the first 3 months. My body needed time to adapt on the new space. :-))))

  2. As you get more of your creature comforts reestablished, the more it will feel right. As warmer weather comes you can get out and stroll your new neighborhood explore things. I bet things will start looking a bit cheerier, as you get out and meet your new neighbors. Chin up C. AJ

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