Life still feels surreal

It really does feel surreal.  Life I mean!  I suppose it will start feeling like home soon.  And I keep thinking Alex should be there too.  Which is incredibly silly of me as he left nearly two years ago.  Anyone with any sense would have got used to the situation by now.  Perhaps I’m just thick!

And – dear reader – we all know how much I hate “Moving on”  and “Letting Go”  but I can see that I am doing both those things.  Even if I am doing it in very small ‘baby steps’.

My home is now completely unpacked.  A friend and his son have removed all the packing cartons for me  and the son is going to sort out all my IT, TV and Stereo issues – in exchange for a TV!  Brilliant deal as far as I can see as the TV came free ( inherited from my father).  So everyone is being wonderfully helpful.

Now all I need is an  internet connection – but that won’t happen until Monday week.

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