I’m controlling my emotions!

Only because I need Alex to sort out my broadband connection.  Either that or I am going to invade India!

My saga with BT continues.  I spent over an hour on the phone to their call centre somewhere in India.  Now don’t get me wrong they are all lovely people – they just can’t help!

I’ve been given more technical reset codes than anyone needs.  I have dug into the nether regions of my PC – those dark areas deep in the code where no-one in their right mind wants to find themselves!  And it still doesn’t work!

I have introduced different cables, different routers.  I have become over familiar with connections and splitters and all manner of exciting bits and pieces of hardware.  And the light on the router which should shine a happy colourful green when the connection is made doesn’t even glow orange to say it’s trying but finding it difficult – it doesn’t come on at all.  This means no broadband!  But BT are adamant that it’s working!   WELL IT ISN’T!

So another day’s holiday taken as I can’t work at home when I can’t log in.  And as I don’t wish to drive my 70 mile journey to work on a Weds the only option is a day off!

I am hoping Alex can sort it all out – as he understands these things far better than I do!  Hence the controlling of emotions!  Even I can see that picking a fight with him right now would not endear him to helping me out!!

I shall escape to Life Coaching later and forget I ever wanted an internet connection!!

3 thoughts on “I’m controlling my emotions!

  1. LOL. We in the States have the India connection, too. I’ve been connecting my wireless to wire for several months now because I just can’t take another failed conversation with someone who can’t communicate with me, or vice versa. Good luck!

  2. Talk about adding insult to injury! Hope that Alex is better at repairing the BT connection than he was when it came to the C.C. connection! Sounds like the modem has taken a holiday, in Bangladesh. I used to rely on my teenager to solve these kind of things, now I have to call the tech support line as well. Well look at the upside the Grouse and Ale has cold beer and Fish and Chips, can you think of a better reason to go there? Good luck, Caroline. AJ

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