How and What rather than Why

Another LC session – and I take another step up my ‘mountain’ or perhaps it really is just a hill!

As usual I’ve been ‘unstuck’ and so I move!  

I’ve been asking myself lots of Why questions.  As in Why is my life like this? Why have I ended up in this situation?  Why is my mind fighting me? (as that’s what it has felt like).

So I am now going to practise How and What questions to myself when I find I’m going into the ‘pain’ place.

Questions like:

“How can I make my evenings more fun?”

“What steps can I take to enjoy life more and smile and laugh and be happy?”

As asking these types of questions is far more empowering than asking Why – which is very blocking.  And as I know:  You get what you focus on!

I’ve also taken the first steps in suggesting people respect me more.  Today in the lunch queue one of the young graduates was teasing me – he apologized when he realised what he’d done!  But I told him that actually teasing is a great compliment – people never tease those they don’t like!  So we had a lovely amusing chat until one of the managers joined the queue and pointed out how she felt I was bossy, forthright ……   So I stopped her in mid-sentence and said “No, I won’t have that said about me – as it’s hurtful and unkind, so please don’t!”  and because I said it with a smile and a laugh she took it in very good part and apologised!

Success!   One down – several more to go!!

3 thoughts on “How and What rather than Why

  1. Great post! Good for you. You will receive the respect you insist upon.

    And thanks for the “why” lesson. It is so easy for me to get in a “why syndrome.” How and what. I’m going to remember that.

    • It was from my Life Coach – Stephen! Very sensible man! He really made me think it through yesterday. It’s all to do with focusing on Pain or Pleasure and using growth questions rather than sticking ones!!

      I keep falling into the Why syndrome – I seem to want answers all the time!

  2. The answer to all your How Questions can be answered easily: More Beer, of course that answer can lead to several others, Where did I park my car, When will I get out of jail? Who are you and why are you in my bed . Later AJ

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