OK – maybe it’s the router

Or there again maybe it’s not!

I’ve now established (after copious amounts of Googling and downloading the router manual) that I have had an ADSL connection ever since I moved – what I lack is a PPP Link!  Now I bet none of you realised that!!

The big question of the day is – whose fault is that?  Is it BT for not supplying the right ‘stuff’ down the wire – or is it my PC/Router configuration. 

I am still secretly hoping it’s BT!!  Most of the forums suggest it is an ISP problem.

You know, dear reader, I am learning more about the workings of my PC than I ever felt I needed to know.  What ever happened to plug and play? 

And note that is a What question!!  Not a Why!

And another thing – someone from the heavens is depositing large ‘slices’ of flaked white paint on my path.  They keep appearing from nowhere.  And I can’t see they’ve fallen off any bit of the house I’m in.  Bizarre!

Still it’s all interesting and keeping me ‘entertained’!

The next thing I’m about to learn is the inner machinations of the water softener system……!!!  Scary!  Women aren’t supposed to know this stuff!  Well this one doesn’t think she should (oops – Caroline – you do do this for a job sweetheart!)

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