A need to focus

A big need to focus on How and What questions.   And keep clear of the Why ones!

Had a few Why moments in the last 12 hours or so.  Not a brilliant idea to do that!

Probably not helped by a 3 page letter from my divorce solicitor pointing out I hadn’t been consulting her!   Well that’s the idea of mediation – we avoided all the batting back and forth.

OK most people would be jumping for joy that soon they’d be free. I suppose I should – but I’m not!

I just need to keep myself busy and not brood.

I shall now be in trouble with all of you for being negative and with Stephen for posing the wrong questions to myself!!

No one said this was going to be easy.  And you know what – dear reader – it isn’t!!!  And No Sympathy!!!   It’s not allowed.  Despite what my LC says I don’t actually like all the sympathy.  But if I am going to be honest here – which is the whole idea of the thing – then my ups and downs have to be recorded. And I’m just having a bit of a down today.  IT IS ALLOWED!!!!

But not for long!!

Sorry!!!  I shall do better!!  Even if I run out of exclamation marks in the process!! (which I haven’t yet).

I am doing all the things I promised myself I would do this evening.  I’ve sent off my photos for the camera club comp – what do you think:

Bluebells against the sky

Hover Fly

Tiger on the prowl

I hope I get good marks.  It’s all about winning!!!  Which I haven’t yet!

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