Compromise is an interesting word. In the context of relationships.

I suppose it usually conjures up a requirement to give to another whilst  giving up something you feel strongly about.

But what if it could be viewed  and treated not as a ‘negative’ but as a ‘positive’ ?  What if instead of giving ground and ‘meeting half way’  it could be seen as  allowing.  Allowing the other person to have what they want so that you can then have what you want at another time.

So rather than feeling you had to ‘give up’ something – always a negative – it could seen as a pure giving gesture and a positive opportunity to enjoy seeing your partner the chance to receive.

Of course it is vital that both partners appreciate the need to give and allow in this way!   And maybe that’s the problem!

But surely this is a better way at looking at life and perhaps a great many marriages would do better if both partners adopted it.

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