I feel at peace with the world today

The foggy morning has turned into a calm, blue sky day.  And somehow  like the storms that have battered the UK over the last days – my down mood has gone and I also feel really calm and at peace with the world today.

Alex came round last night to help sort out my router problems.  We had a lovely, friendly evening together.  We still are such friends. And at the moment at ease in each other’s company (providing we keep off the subject of us).  In fact – for the first time since this trauma began – it didn’t even cross my mind to talk about us. 

He is clearly still very ill at ease about it.  This shows when he arrives or leaves!  He can’t handle those moments at all. But the time in between was just really nice.

So today I am content.  The problems of focusing on my future don’t seem so hard or frenetic and I feel glad to be alive and surrounded both at home and here by people who I feel care and who like me and want the best for me.  Which is wonderful.

I want to harness this feeling and package it up so I don’t lose it!

A friend told me at the weekend that BT may be moving their call centre from India back to the UK.  I would like to think I had a part to play in this decision!!

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