I enjoy Wednesdays!

I work from home on Wednesdays.  Which is great.  No 70 mile journey to work so I can get up later!  I’m settled in.  I have my work laptop buzzing away on the dining table.  My home  PC on and logged  on to my favourite sites, the washing machine working hard, the coffee on….!  All good!  And – you may have noticed – I’m blogging rather than working!  Actually I can do both – being a woman  – I can multi-task!

My Photos:  OK so I have still to achieve that magic 20/20 score!  My tiger photo got 19 and my hover fly a low 16 which meant it didn’t get added to my overall total!  One more point and it would have done – I thought the judge was rather mean!  And it is all about points!   We were only allowed 2 photos last night as there were so many entries so I withdrew my bluebell photo (which in hindsight was a pity as the judge was very keen on flowers taken from interesting angles!!!)

What I don’t understand about this scoring business is that no-one ever seems to get less than 12 – so why bother with numbers 1 -11!  It’s bizarre!

2 thoughts on “I enjoy Wednesdays!

    • Bizarre! She was really quite complementary about it and then promptly marked it down. It’s a different judge each competition so you never know how things are going to go!

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