Life Coaching update

I have added a new set of pages to my blog on Life Coaching.  These pages are all to do with things I have learnt.   I hope they not only explain, slightly, what I am doing, but also may help people who read this blog who are searching for help – even if they only give them the incentive to take action and find out more for themselves!

I am now into the Goal setting stage.  What I need to find is an idea that inspires me with such passion that I will achieve it come what may. That my enthusiasm for it will override any fears I have of not achieving it.

I do believe I can have an amazing life and that I can do something which far outstrips what I do at the moment. That will give  me a greater sense of purpose for why I am here.

I really do want to throw myself into something – I just don’t know what yet!!

I have – almost – found the real me. And I do feel ‘taller’ as a result.  More at ease with myself.  Calmer.  Less frenetic.  I can be me without the need to be what or who people expect me to be. So if I want to be quiet  – I will be.  If I want to ‘people watch’  – I will.  And when I want to be funny I’ll be that too!

I also know now that happiness is something you find within yourself and is not provided by others or a partner.  They can only provide  ‘the cherry on the top of the cake’.

4 thoughts on “Life Coaching update

  1. The outline is so important as I believe it gives something to focus on with then helps focus on the Pleasure end of the scale rather than the Pain.

    Thank you for dropping by again. I love your comments.

  2. Sorry I haven’t commented for a few days, kind of caught up in stuff. I am really starting to see this new Caroline shining through. She seems like a fun person. Hope you have budgeted for the new wardrobe, what with being so tall and all!!! Go get em Girl! AJ

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