I’m causing my own ‘rough air’

Or as my father would have said – ‘My Girl you are causing your own rough air’ – a good flying analogy to what I do to myself – far too often!

To explain: In flying this is when the trainee pilot moves the controls around far too much causing the plane/glider to jerk around  the sky instead of flying smoothly.  It feels as if it’s the fault of the air – when actually it isn’t.

But I am doing this to me.  I know by shifting my focus I am causing myself  mental ‘jerks’ in my life- ups and downs –  which is not giving me a smooth ride.  The problem is – like the trainee pilot – I haven’t quite mastered all the techniques to give myself that smooth ride.

In flying it’s far easier than you might think.  As my dear father used to say – ‘When all else fails – do nothing – the glider will fly itself’ – which is true.  I wonder if the same applies in life.  It used to. It doesn’t now.  My brain doesn’t allow that as an option – especially at 3.00am when I wake tense, unhappy and often with a splitting headache.  Then my mind focuses on the ‘Pain’ and off I go on a rollercoaster of What Ifs and Whys  which is so unproductive and not at all conducive to sleep!

I know focusing on my future is what I must keep hold of and not let go.  I hate the dips I’m giving myself.  It’s all  rather unnerving and I feel I am letting myself down! 

My Progress Line!

But I am doing a great deal better.  I’m in a far better place than I was 6 months ago.  I have the tools to keep going forwards and I want and need to do this ‘on my own’.  Hence my decision to reduce my Life Coaching sessions to every two weeks rather than once a week.  Apart from anything else I need more to discuss and talk about when I go!

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