4.00am is not a good time!

To be writing this.  But I am wide awake and wishing I wasn’t.

Somehow I need to shake off all this negativity which has been creeping around the edges of my mind.  I really do need to do something new.  The prospect of life carrying on as it is really isn’t that inviting.  And I know the only person who can change it is me.

Focus on pleasure not the pain.  Think lovely thoughts!  Enjoy what I have!

It just doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.  I think the novelty of moving has rather worn off!

Work is work – not that challenging or exciting.  And home is home – challenging in a rather lonely, negative way and not that exciting!

And short of standing in the local High Street and shouting “Here I am come and get me”   – which might not quite give the result I’m looking for (!) – I am rather stuck on ideas to make my life fun and enjoyable and to feel loved (which is rather what I thought Alex was for!!  But has turned out not to be the case!)

I’m definitely having a Stuck at Ground Level  moment

2 thoughts on “4.00am is not a good time!

  1. you said you play piano right? Maybe you can teach someone to play.
    It will be soothing to play, rewarding to teach, and fun.
    Just a thought…..
    Mostly because i play piano too, and had i lived closer by would have loved to get someone to work on that with me. Maybe your grandchildren are interested, or maybe just some neighborhood kid.

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