I really just love….

A good traffic snarl up to start the weekend off with a bang.

So just the 2 1/2 hrs to get home tonight!   My local area became completely gridlocked – even through the village – never mind the two local towns, the Motorways and all the link roads.

And yes there was a  bang  but sadly not the intimate kind – unless you count the efforts of the car behind me – clearly wanting to get closer to me!  Sadly  – driven by a woman!! Just my luck!!  She fell asleep she said and just drove into me in the queue!

Fortunately I don’t think there’s any damage!  I was quite kind. After all she’d driven a long way – as she told me – all the way from the same town where I happen to work!  So I do understand!!

However I manage to concentrate – every day!

And for those of you who feel the romance in your life needs a boost – read my LC’s latest post.

I just rather wish Alex would take it all on board – AND ACT.  AND  just so we’re all clear – ACT – WITH ME!!

Hey ho!  Wishful thinking won’t get me anywhere!  At least the Post cheered me up as I’d just spent 2 hours +  deciding how I’d trusted Alex with my heart and all he’d done was break it. So if I can’t trust him – then who can I trust – ever again!   A real good old woe moment!

So Stephen’s post cheered me – even if I don’t have anyone to ‘play’ with!

4 thoughts on “I really just love….

    • It’s a tough one. I keep discussing it with Stephen (LC) – he assures me I will be able to. At the moment I’m not so convinced. Perhaps one has to take that leap of faith…

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