There are more Questions than Answers

And there really are more questions than answers in all this.

So many questions I want to ask so I can understand.

Most of them start with Why.  And Why is not a question I’m allowed to ask!

A lot more start with What.   And probably the same applies.   Of course they are all directed at Alex. Alex the man I thought would NEVER let me down.  Alex the man who won’t answer.  Alex the man who I believed would always be there for me.  Alex who isn’t.

So I have to stop running these questions in my head in the middle of every night, when I’m too tired and sleepy to control these wayward thoughts but too wide awake actually to go back to sleep!

And all this sounds as if I’m really down in the dumps this morning.  Actually I’m not – I’m OK.  Just in a very questioning mood!!


I’d better stop bashing away on this keyboard and get going.  I have a hair appointment to get to and lots of essential shopping I need to do.  So it’s off out into the rain!

No doubt I’ll write more later!!


2 thoughts on “There are more Questions than Answers

  1. I don’t think there are any answers that would satisfy me. I think I’ve given up on that. I keep reminding myself that it’s about him and not me. And not about his OW. When I can think of him as really confused and unhappy, I can find some degree of kindness and pity toward him. Those are the times I convince myself that I don’t need to know why.

    Other days, of course, I ask all the why questions all over again though less often than I did at first.

    • I know. I too feel kindness and pity on so many occasions. I also feel so sad at what we could have had but didn’t. So close yet so far away.

      What bugs me is it’s all Such a Waste.

      I know – this will pass. It has to. And it will.

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