And So….

I stood at the alter so long ago
And promised to be faithful for all my life
I said I’d be there come what may
Through any trauma, any strife
But you chose not to mean those words.
And so I cried……….Well wouldn’t you?

I loved you with every ounce I had
I believed in you in every way
We had a life that could have soared
But we should have worked at it every day.
But you chose to close me out.
And so I cried……….Well wouldn’t you?

And You chose a different path
You chose a route that wasn‘t  bold
You chose to block the problems out
To turn way and leave me cold
And I was left with a broken heart.
And so I cried……….Well wouldn’t you?

And so you’ve cheated and you’ve lied
And really shown me no respect.
And despite all this you’re still lost
Although some remorse I do detect
I still have a broken heart.
And so I cry………….Well wouldn’t you?

The past is past and gone for good
You’ve smashed a life that had such hope
For what? I ask a thousand times.
For that spark of lust that pulls like dope?
We could have made it to the mountain top
And so  I’ll cry ……………. Well wouldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “And So….

  1. Caroline, what a heartfelt poem. I wish I had the right words that could remove the pain you’re feeling. Our inner spirit is like a piece of priceless silver that dulls from abuse and neglect, with the right amount of attention and hard work it can be revived to it’s once brilliant shine.
    You just need a good polishing Dear!!!
    Thanks for your thoughts, Caroline, they mean a lot. AJ

  2. Thank you AJ – as usual you’ve brought a smile! And so lovely of you to have found the time to write when you are going through something so much sadder and more final.

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