By the Way – I have an idea!

By the way I didn’t get drunk last night!  I only had 3 glasses of wine – so not a lot.  Apparently it doesn’t seem to take a lot to send me to the ‘dark place’.  Perhaps I was partly there already.

So no need to tip toe around here this morning.  I don’t have a hangover!!  I was even sensible last night.  I drank a large glass of water when I got home and I took a pre-emptive Resolve Extra before I went to sleep – worked like magic!

I notice from re-reading my poetry moments on here that most of them are a bit gloomy – I used to be able to write funny poems, now my poetic outpourings only seem to grab me when I’m rather too reflective. (And by the way I have tweaked my And so…. poem – the last line of each verse – actually to  reflect better how I felt last night)

Anyway onward and upward.

Last night when I was being a little bit the  ‘over the top’ me I was telling my slightly reluctant and bemused audience that I have no intention whatsoever of ending up single for the rest of my life.  That I have no intention of ending up at the end of my life with the thought I could have ‘lived my life more’  or ending up wishing life hadn’t been so mediocre (I was good I didn’t point out that’s how they were portraying their single state lives to me). And so I was going to do something about it.

I told them that for me Internet Dating didn’t seem to do it for me (which is extraordinarily unfair of me on the Internet Dating scene as I haven’t tried it!!)

I told them that I had a germ of an idea.  I am going to create a social club for singles between the ages of 45 and 65. (I may bend this age bracket a bit given my own age!!)

This idea was triggered earlier this week.  I can’t remember how but I think it was something one of you may have written.  Anyway it reminded me that this is something I can do.  And do with a degree of success.

I did if for the 18-30 age group years ago.  I did it then with phenomenal success.  So why not now.  Not the same, obviously, but the format could be much the same.  Just more adult ideas!!

Back  then I did it as part of  The National Federation of 18 Plus Groups.

I started one up in our local town.  And in the year I ran it, it won best New Group of the year and Best Group in the country simultaneously – something which had never happened before and hasn’t happened since!

So I am a good organiser.  I am a good socialiser. And what is needed – I believe- is a new format on singles’ social clubs.

From what I have found round here they fall into the following categories:

  • dining clubs – boring as all you do is sit about and chat and pay too much for a meal
  • groups which control the male/female membership so the split is roughly equal
  • groups which hold purely social activities – like dining (again), going to the cinema, theatre etc.

Well  my idea is more than that.  And if I can get the concept right, and it works, I can then franchise it out to other areas.  Which would then provide a wider audience and inter-group events.

I need to develop this more.

2 thoughts on “By the Way – I have an idea!

  1. Perhaps you could combine two categories, gliding and wine tasting! Preferably in that order!
    I think you should go for it. It could be very lucrative, and certainly not boring. AJ

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