Sorry dear reader for the down moment.

Proves a point rather doesn’t it.  Drink is a depressant!  As my GP (doctor) told me it was.  Too many glasses of wine and I pour it all out.  But there again maybe it’s a good thing!   And clearly poetic!

And now it’s 4.00 am  YET AGAIN!   Which also proves a point.  Never mind what time I go to bed I wake up in the middle of the night.  Actually at my last house it was 3.00am – so I appear to have moved into a different time zone by moving one mile up the road!!

I was out at a dinner party last night – a 60th birthday do for the husband of my great friend.  A surprise party.   It was OK – though rather bizarrely  the guests were all her friends rather than his!  Including her hairdresser!!!   Bless her – I actually don’t think she realises she does this. To her we’re their friends – but actually we’re not.  We’re hers!  OK to a point – but there were none of his – and I’m sure he has some!!  Anyway he seemed happy.  It was only a small gathering.

And now it’s 5.00am and perhaps I’d better get some more sleep.  Less than 4 hours is not going to be good later on today!

Speak later!

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