Blog title change

It was no good I didn’t feel comfortable with January’s title.  It didn’t feel honest or true to my day-to-day feelings.  So I’ve changed it to “I Can Survive – and one day I’ll Fly”  as this is my goal – but not one I’ve yet achieved and succeeded on every day. (Titles I’ve given this blog can be found on my Info on this blog page)

Maybe this just takes longer than I realised.  Maybe I need to find more inner strength.  Maybe – even though I loathe the phrase with a vengence – I do, actually, have to find a way to “Let go”.

I don’t know.  All I do know is – I’m not there yet. Wherever “There” is!!.  Well as sure as hell it isn’t here! 

Well it better not be.

2 thoughts on “Blog title change

  1. Caroline, sometimes we need to take a time out to assess where we are at the moment. Here isn’t always a bad place, consider it a safe place to take a deep breath, and to look back to where ‘then’ was; you may find that a few of the creepy crawly things you tried to leave behind are still clinging to your sweater, but in time they’ll get tired of the light and drop off as well.

    Crap now I’m lost! Am I in the ‘now’ or looking for the ‘here’, and what about the ‘here and now’?…. never mind, take a deep breath, order up two scoops of ass, a bit of chocy syrup and enjoy. Hey get two spoons while your at it, I think I’d like a taste too! Later kiddo

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