Living alone

I keep wondering why I am finding it so so hard living on my own.  And it’s just dawned on me (I can be very thick at times!).  I never have before in my entire life.  Not for any protracted period in my life.  I’ve always lived with other people. 

I went from home, to house-sharing, to au pairing, to house sharing, to marriage.

So it’s not something I’ve ever had to come to terms with before.  And I don’t like it.  It’s fine for the occasional few days.  But this is now two years. 

I am NOT a live on my own type of person.

4 thoughts on “Living alone

  1. We are so much alike, you and I. I had never lived alone either. Never. I don’t like it any more than you do. But I can’t see any agreeable way to change it so I try hard to pretend I like it. Fake it till you make it, I guess. Granted, there are advantages but so far they don’t out weigh the negatives. We have to keep trudging along, don’t we? Good luck to you today and every day!


    • Yup – we do have to keep trudging along. And like you I keep telling myself how nice it is – but it’s no good – it isn’t. The positives do not outweigh the negatives. So good luck to you as well and may you find happiness – soon!!

  2. Wow. I have to say I’m with the two of you on this one. I’ve never lived alone either. So it sure is hard. Sometimes i turn on the TV just to have noise in the background. Fake it until you make it…i like that idea. Or maybe we should all move in together;-)

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