Saying sorry is not enough

Alex has written to say sorry, he has emailed to say sorry.  Both in the last 10 days.  Well saying sorry is not enough.  And anyway he doesn’t appear to have any  intention of doing anything more than just say sorry. 

Hard to ignore though.

No doubt he means it.  But it doesn’t actually achieve very much.  Anyway words are just words.  Actions speak louder.

So I have to be stalwart and strong and pay no attention.

I seem to have gone in for a mini buying frenzie!  I now own 2 more TVs than I did when I first moved.  One for the kitchen area and one for my bedroom!  Real cheapie ones!  The sort you have to be face on to to get a good picture!  But one has a DVD input slot which is great.  It means I can watch DVDs curled up in bed!

I also have my new mobile phone to play with.  And I think all those who ring me look forward to the day when I can answer a call without instantly cutting them off!!  It’s a novel experience having a phone which does so many things and I can even cope with quite a few of the Apps.  But actually using it as a phone is almost beyond me. Rather defeats the object of the exercise!!

Why saying sorry is not enough

3 thoughts on “Saying sorry is not enough

  1. Please don’t take this wrong I’m just asking only because I wouldn’t know the answer if I was in your shoes.
    What would be enough? Enough to make this shit-mare go away! Could I make realistic allowances for him/her to make amends? I’d worry if I didn’t know that answer, how would I be able to recognize any attempt at true atonement.
    Following through with that thought, would I ever get a resolution? How much time would I have wasted waiting for a remedy that would or could never come?
    Just some perspective from a friend. Life just is… it’s up to us to make something of it. Love ya. AJ

    • I don’t think I do know the answer. All I know is that if he thinks that saying sorry somehow makes it OK then that is not enough. If he actually wants to make amends then I don’t know what he has to do. I don’t want him to go away. I don’t want him to grovel as that is demeaning. As I say – I really don’t know. And as you say Life just is …. Even when it shouldn’t be.

      When I have an answer I’ll tell you!!

      • An honest answer to an honest question. I like that.
        Forgiveness is one of those dishes that requires a long time to cool before serving it to our offender. Sadly until we serve it, we go hungry as well.
        I just made that up, but it sounded pretty good. Tootle Pip. AJ

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