Getting out and about

One of the bizarre aspects of suddenly being on your own is that, in an attempt to socialise or get out, you end up doing a whole mass of things which you’d have never thought of doing when married.

OK that sounds much more fascinating than it is in reality. Well as far as I’m concerned!

So I have an “exciting” few days ahead.  Tomorrow night I’m folding 2000 – yes that’s right 2000 – leaflets in aid of the local campaign to stop our Council building all over our local airfield and the greenbelt!  Now these leaflets could have been folded by the printer but at an extra cost.  So little me volunteered to do them at her house and has got 6 others to come and help.  To lure them in I’ve offered wine, beer, snacks, etc.  Cost of these refreshments?  Slightly more than the cost the printer was charging for doing the folding by machine!

Next time Caroline look at the end goal before getting over enthusiastic on saving money!!

And then on Saturday and Sunday I’ll be found in the local town – giving out the leaflets.  I must be mad. In this weather?  I’ll freeze!!

Still you never know who I might meet………!!!  Perhaps some lovely, unattached, man of the right age will take pity on me…….!!

Well I can dream can’t I?!!!

2 thoughts on “Getting out and about

  1. You’re absolutely right. I have tried all manner of “dumb” activities to to make myself socialize. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’m never doing that again.”
    One other thing–you’re very funny and you make me laugh. Thanks!

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