Eat Pray Love

I’ve read the book and I’ve now seen the film.

So what do I think.

Well.  I read the book about 10 months ago when I was in my ‘Chilean Mine’ but also feeling rather cynical about life and I got rather annoyed with Her and her quest for ‘salvation’.

Ten months on and I don’t see it all in the same light.  I understand much more what she needed to achieve and find within herself.  And I think I am rather envious of her happy ending.

When you are where we are (and by that I include one or two of my readers who are in the same boat as me)  we are all probably looking for a new ‘happy ending’ or to put it in a much more positive way we want a new ‘happy beginning’.

Actually sod the ending that’s too final and ‘life’s now over’ type of thing!!  A good happy beginning and middle and then carrying on happy is what I am looking for!!

As to the film, which I have just watched on DVD.  Well apart from the fact that Julia Roberts just seemed to be her rather than the person she was supposed to be I was left feeling the film was too shallow.   I didn’t feel she had achieved the changes she did in the book.  And for some reason I kept thinking of Pretty Woman all the time which didn’t really help.

I think JR was miscast.  It needed someone slightly younger and probably less well known would have been better.

Anyway I still cried. But then I am a very quick crier and weeper.  I can cry singing our National Anthem – which is just plain bizarre!!   I can cry over just about anything!  I cried over Mama Mia!!

So I leave you this evening with:

So here’s to our Happy Beginnings and our Happy Middles!!

2 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love

  1. I read the book about a week before I saw the movie. I prefered the book. I agree with you about the movie, it was too much Julia Roberts. But I too want a new happy beginning.

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