Folding was fun!

Yes – dear reader – it was great fun!!

And two of the ‘folders’ brought bottles of wine so my supplies went untouched!  We all sat round my dining table and everyone chatted away nineteen to the dozen and the job was done in about 1 1/2 hrs!   Brilliant.

I think it helped that 2 of the team didn’t know anyone else so meeting new people was good for the others.  The dynamics of human behaviour are so fascinating.  Had this been a dinner party everyone would have been ‘on their best behaviour’ and conversation would have taken time to get going.  But because everyone had a task and we all wanted to get it done as quickly as possible no one was ‘on their guard’. The normal barriers came down in an instant and the evening buzzed.

Unless, of course, it was my dynamic personality which just won them all over!!!

So we’re off today to give the ‘damn’ things out. At least, for now, it’s not raining!

Oh yes – And I stood up for myself again!  When one of the group (who has known me since I was 14 and so seems to feel he has the right to say how he sees me – good or bad) said that I was so loud.   I replied ‘maybe –  but I am me and I will go on being me the way I want to be and if I come across as loud sometimes then that is just me being a version of me which I like!’

And I said it with a laugh and a smile – rather than apologise for it or shut up – which is what I would have done in the past!!

So some things are working. I am becoming less flexible over how I am!

2 thoughts on “Folding was fun!

    • Thank you! I’ve spent too much of my life modifying who I am to fit in with how others would like me to be. And actually ‘stuff them’ I will be me and no-one else!!

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