“Boredom is the mother of invention”

Perhaps – finally – boredom is what’s beginning to win through!  Boredom with the whole flaming deal I have at the moment.  Boredom of being alone in the house.

Because, dear reader, to be quite truthful, I AM BORED!!  And maybe that’s what I needed to be – to get off my backside and do a few more things!!

I am even getting bored running the “What If” tape and the “Why” tape round and round in my head in the middle of the night.  It all is excruciatingly boring!  You have no idea how totally dreary it is to find myself doing this!!

After all I’m not going to get any answers from me so what on earth is the point!!

I’ve been saying for ages “No Sympathy”.  And I mean it!!  I said so at my party back in November.  I am through that stage and have been for a while.

I may be dithering around feeling lost, hurt and wanting life to be different and yes, I still have issues I need to deal with in my own way and in my own time on it all.  But in the meantime I could do with having a bit more to do!!

OK I know I came up with my great idea to start a social club. But actually I don’t really, truthfully, have enough enthusiasm to set it all in motion.  Nice fantasy, but too much hard graft reality to do it all on my own!  At least not in the concept I thought of originally!!

So I need to get out more – especially at weekends – and do more!  What to do is of course the million dollar question. So I should just try a few things!

Blimey I sound just like my mother!!!

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