This is also not good!

So I’ve spent the day on a one-to-one training course learning all about Sql Reporting Services and SSIS (which for those who aren’t programmers – it’s all programming stuff!) and my head is spinning.

I’m now ensconced in the Campanile hotel in the town where I work.  This has brought back another whole stack of unwanted memories as I used to stay here a great deal when I was first relocated here.  And I used to phone Alex every night and we would chat away happily!  (See he can talk to me!).

So I arrive and the first person I see is the Receptionist who remembers me from before.  The 2nd thing is I log on and there’s an email from Alex asking how I am – giving me ideas on how to personalise my new phone and then adding that the final  consent order is on its way from the solicitor.


Just in case it had escaped anyone!!!!  Which I know it hasn’t!!

Bu**er is all I can say.

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