What I do v. What I Should do

I know now – as a result of all I’ve learnt at Life Coaching – that I can be over-flexible when it comes to relationships.  I become the person I think others want me to be.

So – despite all the LC – I know I am still doing this to myself!

What I am doing:

  • Beating myself up searching for a reason as to why Alex felt life with me was intolerable!
  • Wondering what I did to cause all this
  • Searching for answers to what I could have done differently
  • Looking back
  • Reminding myself how low, lonely and unhappy I feel
  • Feeling I am letting people down (my friends, Stephen (the LC) and others) by doing this
  • Feeling I  should be less stuck and doing better

What I should be doing:

  • Being me
  • Sticking to my values
  • Not compromising
  • Going out more
  • “Letting Go” (how I HATE that phrase!)
  • Counting my blessings more
  • Acknowledging and accepting my marriage is over
  • Not looking back
  • Focusing on my future

So it would be a good idea if I did some of the things I should be doing and to stop doing what I am doing.

Bit of a bu**er really isn’t it!!

Hope this makes sense!!!

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