What’s worked and what hasn’t

This is a Life Coaching moment.

Really an evaluation of where I am now and what worked to get me here.

I am a very analytical person.  Things have to be logical for me to accept them (probably why I’m having such issues with the end of my marriage as none of it seems logical to me at all!!!  But that’s a story I’ve written rather a lot about!!)

So having had a 4 week break from Life Coaching I have had an ‘analytical moment’ over what has worked during the last 6 months of LC sessions.

  1. Learning about my values and the rules I apply to them (though I feel I could do with understanding more on this and would like to if possible!)
  2. The 6 feet and 30 seconds exercise (mega successful as it ticked all the boxes I needed to tick.  It made complete logical sense.  My mind embraced it with incredible speed as I understood it completely) – see Eureka moments to read more on this!
  3. Setting Goals – (again how sensible.  Even if I still haven’t found one I want to commit to totally and enthusiastically)

And what didn’t work:

  • Any attempt to put an amusing slant on any past incident.  Stephen has used this on a couple of occasions.  I have a problem with visiting places where Alex and I went together.  I find it incredibly difficult and upsetting so Stephen re-ran the occasion but asked me to ‘dress Alex in a funny costume’, ‘give him a funny walk’,  ‘sing a funny song’.  Doesn’t work for me at all really.  OK I can laugh for a moment.  But  – for me – it doesn’t work because that wasn’t how the occasion was.  It’s re-writing history.  And to me that isn’t logical.  So I can’t accept it.

I haven’t stopped Coaching.  I had to miss the last 3 weeks due to work commitments.  I definitely needed time to evaluate all I’d learnt, but I would have liked to have been able to go today –  but a trip to the Williams Formula One Conference Centre to learn about the latest ideas on Business Continuity Planning took precedence!

And wow what a place.  All their F1 cars from the 1980’s onwards all there under one roof!  Lots and lots of mega expensive cars all side-by-side!  I’m not that interested in F1 but I know money when I see it!!  The lunch was good.   Oh yes – and the seminar was useful!

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