There are some things I’ll never understand!

I accept there are some things I’ll never understand:


  • How my computer  really works
  • How my camera works
  • How electricity works
  • Nuclear Physics
  • The universe and how come there is an edge – because if there is what’s on the other side?
  • the big bang theory

And finally

What happened to Alex’s mind!  And why he has done what he has!

See I just have to accept these things.  Now I don’t have too much of an issue with the first part of the list  – all those things are just totally beyond me!  It’s the last one which I feel I should understand and it’s irritating that I don’t!!

BTW – I did another cycle ride today – all 2 miles of it!   I have a VERY long way to go to get fit again!  2 miles nearly ‘killed’ me!!  I even had to walk up a rather un-steep hill!

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