Give not take

I’ve just been reading “back on my own’s” latest post and it got me thinking.

I believe one of the problems men of a certain age seem to have is this feeling they need to take all they can in order to be happy.

They ‘take’ a new love (actually it’s far more likely to be lust!) in order to give themselves happiness.  But how often do these men actually find that the destruction of their marriage, home, lifestyle and all the other things they have built doesn’t actually give them what they want.

So much of all this comes down to sex.  And rather introducing some long-needed spark into their marriage they opt out and go off in search of sex with a new partner.  They take, they don’t give.

In Alex’s case I am sure this was the lure.  He also said he couldn’t talk to me.

Well there are none so ‘dumb’ as those who will not speak, none so deaf as those who will not listen, as well as none so blind as those who will not see.

I was ready and willing to listen – but first he had to speak.

I was ready to give – but he had to do that too.

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