I’ve written about this before and how it’s helped me sleep. I haven’t tapped for weeks and weeks.  But today I felt under an incredible amount of pressure (as I’ve already said).  Pressure is not what I need at the moment.

So today I gave it another go.  This time I didn’t tap on “Even though I’m awake I’m OK as I’m resting”  – which often has had such a beneficial effect of sending me to sleep – mainly as this is daytime!

This time I tapped on “I want the positive energy within me to flow freely”.  Now this may seem an odd phrase to tap on but it seemed somehow to be the right one today.  I did this for a good 5  minutes or more.

This afternoon I feel a great deal happier and in charge of me.

I was taught tapping by my Psychologist friend who is a firm believer in it. I would love to learn more about it.  I intend to get her to teach me.

It doesn’t always work  – but it often does  – and when it does it’s amazing.  I’m amazed more counsellors, coaches etc don’t use it.

6 thoughts on “E.F.T.

  1. Tapping? You must look kind of odd when you’re doing it but who cares? I’m glad it works. I’m going to give it a try.

  2. Do you have to wear your tap shoes for this? LOL. Just kidding. Seriously, I looked up e.f.t. because I’d never heard of it. I say do whatever helps. And speaking of tap shoes, I hope you dance and sing today!

    • Thank you. I intend to dance but maybe not sing (if you’d heard me sing you’d understand!). I’ve had a great day so far getting things organised.

      On the EFT subject – I was very skeptical about it but it is very calming. I think it helps to get taught to do it. And I think I need more tuition!

  3. Well Hell there’s your problem! You just don’t have the right guy tapping you in the right spot! 🙂 Hey have a wonderful Birthday party, don the slipper and pour a few for me. AJ.

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