I don’t know what I don’t know!

Years ago (like 30!) I was on holiday (in the Gambia as it happens!)  and one of the group of young singles I was with asked me “What don’t you know?”

To which I replied “I don’t know!

He then said:  “But you must know what you don’t know”

“Of course I don’t know what I don’t know.  Because if I knew then I wouldn’t Not know!”  I replied!

It was a bizarre conversation.  Funny, yes.  The poor lad seemed to have great  issues with understanding the concept!

OK  I could claim I don’t know about Nuclear Physics – but that’s not actually true.  I don’t UNDERSTAND Nuclear Physics but I do KNOW about it.  It’s not the same thing!!

Today I feel I’m being asked to be passionate about something I don’t know. To take a step over the cliff into the unknown and to feel committed to doing so.

Will I fly, or will I fall?  Will I need a parachute or will I be OK?  To take that step I have to feel 100% secure that the outcome of that step – that step over the cliff edge – won’t land me in an alien environment which I have no control over. That I will be safe.  Just now I don’t know if I can do that.  Let alone feel passionate about doing so.

But apparently – according to the LC – this is what I have to do.  Anyway that’s what he’s asking me to do.  To be committed to making changes in how I think and view my life.  To be totally committed to this. To be passionate about this.  To say what I want to change and why.

Until I can commit – with a passion –  then the LC sessions are on hold.  So it appears a stalemate has ensued!  Goodness knows what happens next!!

You see, I don’t know if I can.  As I said at the start of this post.  I don’t know what I don’t know.  And in this case I don’t know what I’m being asked to do.  I don’t know what I want to change.  If I did I would have done it!  And because I don’t know I can’t.

2 thoughts on “I don’t know what I don’t know!

  1. Caroline, What a conundrum. How about this, you definitely know you don’t want to be where you’re at! Maybe if you start there, do one thing that moves you away from where you are now. Just a step at a time. Become that carefree spirit that throws cation to the wind, never look back. Join a pinochle club!! Or take up nude sun bathing! Love ya, AJ

    • Hi AJ I’d forgotten how much I miss your comments! And I do! You always bring a smile to my face! Yes one step at a time is what it’s all about.

      The sun is shining here today and it’s a lovely spring day. I have the day off work so I can enjoy the weather. Our local newspaper’s survey on the stadium has come out as an emphatic No to it – which is great news – and we have new management at work who seem to be treating me with a great deal more respect than I’ve had for the past 6 years so there is a great deal to be happy about.
      Love ya too.

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