Happy Birthday me!

Good morning, dear reader! I’ve been up and about since 6.30 this morning!

I had a really lovely birthday party last night. Lots of lovely presents, funny ones, pampering ones (a spa day from my brothers and families), jewelry, flowers…….! And the do went with a definite ‘boing’!!

Brilliant cards too. Again funny ones, and thoughtful ones – and far too many with 60 on!!

One from my younger brother and wife had a brilliant sentiment . One which did almost make me weep (in a good way) last night and has this morning:

You’re one of a Kind
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”.

I shall add it to my aphorisms page.

So as I had no idea how I was going to feel this morning I haven’t actually planned anything for today. Which is not so clever. I can’t possibly spend it on my own! I’ve decided to be pro-active about it and track down some more friends and maybe drag them to the pub.

I did feel a bit low and lonely first thing. But AJ lifted my spirits with a spirited sprint on an FB chat!!

Since then I’ve cleared up all the party detritus and OK I admit it – had a little weep – but not for long. And bizarrely whilst I was in the shower! Obviously the effect of all that water!!

I’ll write more later!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday me!

  1. Happy Birthday Caroline! I wasn’t on the computer this weekend, so please forgive the belated good wishes. A new decade, full of promise and opportunity…..how wonderful! I wish you all the best for a fantastic new year and decade. – Ella

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