Time could be the only answer now

My prolific blogging phase of the weekend seems to have dried up!!  I’ve been left without anything much to say!  Which as most of you know is very unlike me.

I’ve decided to spare you all the day-to-day run of the ups and downs of emotions I seem to go through and only write about them when they really hit!  Phew!  I hear you all say!!  Well it was becoming rather repetitive (and I have a shrewd suspicion that if I wade back through my posts I will find I’ve said this before!!).

So I will accept them for what they are and weather each storm quietly on my own!  (Or I may blog them – who knows!!).

I do believe that only time will really heal how I feel. It already is.  The acute pain I felt 2 years ago when I didn’t think I would ever recover –  the pain which lasted right up until about September last year – has gone.  I’m left with a dull ache.  An ache which jars every so often and reminds me it’s still there.

I have to live with the ache.  Ignore it as much as I can.  Exercise my mind to happier thoughts.  Don’t look too far into the future as that’s too un-nerving.  Live.

Enjoy your day everyone.  It’s yours and mine to do the best we can with it.

2 thoughts on “Time could be the only answer now

  1. Life’s aches, not the creaky joint kind but more like the aches from within, are bit harder to dispatch. Sadly if it were as simple as pulling a stone from our shoe we’d be barefoot all the time. Although occasionally kicking of the shoes and wiggling the toes seems to help. Keep plugging away, I got your back. AJ

    • Thank you AJ! I’m glad someone has ‘got my back’. All I need now is for someone to ‘get my front’!!! Goodness knows where that thought just came from!! But you have made me smile!!


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