An unexpected turn….

I’ve just got home from a fairly emotional day at work.  My great friend and supporter retired today!

As I said in my comments below – I got more emotional than she did!  Our departing CEO asked me to make a speech for her – which I did – very short.  I gave her a huge bouquet of flowers which she really loved.

Our retired Finance Director also turned up so it was good to have a chat to him about all my ‘trials’ as he knows Alex.  But all in all I did get rather embarrassingly tearful!!

Then I come home – rather late – feeling very tired and find a bouquet of flowers waiting for me at home – from ALEX!  Sent with love, and wishing me a Happy Belated Birthday!

Comments  – views please!

4 thoughts on “An unexpected turn….

  1. I cannot pretend to know what’s in his heart or on his mind. I know his “thoughtfulness” causes you to be more confused than ever. Well, I don’t know that but that’s the effect it would have on me in the same circumstances. I imagine he still cares about you on some level just as I think that about D’s caring for me. This turn of events presents more questions than answers, doesn’t it? I could list the questions but you don’t need that. I’m sure you have your own list and it’s probably similar to mine. I wish I had some answers for you but I don’t.

  2. They probably have mites!!
    I think you’re at this terrible place, where you’ve become high centered; shift your weight one direction and you can dislodge your cart and continue forward. Shift it in another and you may find your self rolling back down the hill trying to steer from the rear view mirror as you take out the letter box, three cats, and the neighbors prized rose bush.
    Let’s assume it was only a heart felt gesture, hoping that you had a nice day, best that you leave it at that for now. I wouldn’t lean over too far to smell those roses, it could send the who cart rolling in the wrong direction.
    And where would he be, I doubt he’d be there to help pull the hand brake. He hasn’t to date.
    Caution my dear, caution. AJ

    • !!! I think you are quite right! Unnerving though!!

      Loved your description.

      Thank you for making me giggle

      and I now have an image to hurtling backwards avoiding the rose bush whilst trying to keep a tray of pastries level!!!


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