Back to reality!

After all the fun yesterday brought.  The pageantry and splendour it’s back to reality today and dealing with one’s emotions and life in the normal real world!  And my  ‘downs’ to conquer and my ‘ups’ to grasp!

I wish I didn’t keep making this so difficult for myself!!!

So despite doing far too much putting off to tomorrow what I should have done today I am off out for a sing-song evening with friends – and a mystery guest…… (male and divorced…!)

What a day!!

Beautiful bride!  Stunning dress.  The small bridesmaids were just scrumptious and her sister just looked amazing –  I reckon she couldn’t have been wearing much underneath that figure-hugging dress!!

I thought the address by the Bishop of London was not only very personal for them it was incredibly ‘on message’ for everyone.

But it makes one think of one’s own wedding though doesn’t it!  Which could be classed as a bit of a bu**er.  But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I’ve been out to a couple of street parties this afternoon, which have been fun and I’m now having a peaceful evening in.  Watching all the highlights of everything I watched this morning!

I’m a romantic at heart!!

Royal Wedding Fever!

The country is completely consumed by today’s events!  Which – of course –  is lovely.  And as it should be!

I just love the way that normal sane human beings have camped out in London,   or been up since before the crack of dawn to set up their street parties.   And people all over the country have dressed up for the occasion!!

I just love the way the British just go for it!!

There’s a kind of hush

There’s a kind of hush in my overloaded brain today!!  A feeling that perhaps life could soon be a great deal better.  A feeling that perhaps there is, after all, a light at the end of this very long tunnel.  A feeling that I could be about to find (or possibly rediscover) me!

I can’t say more at the moment.  It’s all rather fragile.  But I am feeling a glimmer of confidence within me.  And it’s about me being me.

Possibly the very large rain cloud that has followed me for all this time is about to be blown away.

Update on the Internet Dating: 
How come so far all the men who have contacted me from this Internet Dating Site,  have resorted to bad grammar and poor spelling (if only they knew – dear reader – how doomed they are!!!) – First impressions count!!  And they all look SO OLD!

Anyway I am taking this in VERY small steps.  I’m refusing to ‘chat’ on line, or to ‘wink’ at people!!!

For the time-being!

(And this is the first time I’ve ticked my Stage 3 category for a long time.  Today it feels right to do so)

I still seem to be taking photos of bluebells!!

I need to be wiser!!

Owlet in India!

I need to be wiser and I need to keep busy and DO stuff!

So what have I done in the last 24 hours?

I’ve joined an Internet Dating site (!!) – called Friends Over Fifty.

I think I might quite like to also join MysingleFriend which might be better as I don’t appear to be very good at ‘selling myself’ – if you know what I mean!!

I’ve been to my Life Coaching and discovered a lot more about myself which I think, for now, I will keep to myself as it’s too difficult to explain – and in the words of one of my readers “You really needed to have been there” sort of way.  Nothing mind blowing.  Just understanding why the ‘sub-conscious’ me is arguing with the ‘conscious’ me.  All to do with my Values, their order of importance and the Rules I have applied to them and which ones are now clearly in conflict!!

Deep stuff!!

On the way home I stopped at the Mower shop and bought a lovely little hand mower which I have christened Patrick.  With good reason!! (Just google the two words together!!).

And I’ve now mown my little patch of grass!!

Lots to think about after this morning though!