So easy to sell ourselves short!

It is so easy to sell ourselves short.  To give up and give in rather than bash on forwards and upwards.

It happens all over the place and in many, many different situations.

At work I now appear to have become the grammar guru.  Which is rather surprising given the number of howlers I make here (though I do go back and correct them when I spot them!).  But I do get incredibly irritated by those who defend their mistakes as if it doesn’t matter!

It actually doesn’t matter here on our personal blogs as these are our outpourings of the moment.  And actually I don’t think any of the personal blogs I read suffer (on the whole I seem to make more typos than most!! – So don’t panic – I’m not checking!!).

It does matter if it’s your window to the world.  Your means of communicating with your potential customers. Which is why I get so cross at work and which is why I now appear to have taken on the task of checking and correcting!

My point is that so many intelligent and dynamic people sell themselves short on dealing with their inability to get their written communications right!  They defend themselves.  Well they shouldn’t!

As I shouldn’t defend myself  for being ‘stuck’  – as I appear to be at the moment!

We all can so easily sell ourselves short – and it sometimes isn’t easy to spot when we are – especially when it involves deep seated emotions which can be difficult to shift or change.

Improving and correcting your grammar and typos is easy (just get a book and learn! Or hire a proof-reader).  Falling out of love with someone – is NOT!

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