Il faut parler francais (updated)

Now that’s taken you all by surprise!  And to be quite honest – moi aussi!

Well on my poodle (of the non-french kind!)  through the village this morning I got lured into the Twinning Association’s monthly coffee morning in the village hall.  And for once there was someone French there serving the coffee!

It has been one of my ‘lesser’ goals to get my french conversation back to what it was when I left France ‘n’ years ago having lived there for 2 years.  So I’m now booked in for French conversations classes – on a one-to-one level –  every Monday evening!!

It has, in fact, been a productive morning (it being 2.45pm as I write this).  I’ve purchased a strimmer so I can deal with the grass on my little patch of lawn.  I’ve assembled it and strimmed the lawn – which does, sadly, now look rather like the French Poodle I didn’t mention earlier!  No doubt practice will make perfect!

I’ve completed my MeYou Health challenge for today.  Which was easy as it was  “Zoom in on something in the movie of your life.”  So I felt my “Six Feet and 30 Seconds”  video counted.  Pity my LC hasn’t been able to post it yet (will he ever I ask myself!) as then I’d be able to link to it!

I’ve shampooed one of the carpets – which suffered rather during my party last week.  I’ve had the slow puncture in one of my tyres fixed and now I still have the rest of the day to:

Go for a bike ride
Go up to the airfield and see how things are there
Find something to do this evening.

It’s amazing what you can get done when you put your mind to it!!

5.00pm update:

6 mile bike ride?  Done!  (with no getting off despite the hills!)

Photographing village sights?  Done!

I’m on a roll today!!

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