Morning walk. Observations & Random Musings (amended)

Out early on my lakeside walk
In silence. Alone. No need to talk.

Reed bunting flitting by the shore.
(I may be content – but I want more).

Last year’s bulrushes turned to fluff
(Must let go of sadness – I’ve had enough).

Solitary daffodil.  In stark yellow.
Passing dog walkers. Nod-smile, hello.

Ferns burgeoning on the bank
(I should be more grateful. I’ve a lot to thank).

Chiffchaffs returned from their winter home
(I am myself.  Please  not long alone).

Pussy willow, fluffy on the bough.
(I must start living the here and now).

No sign of the blackcaps for me so far.
(Love is loving his inappropriate car)!

Heron stands on guard looking proud
(We’ve lost so much, I cry out loud).

Moorhens hunting for things to eat.
(I’m NOT the failure.  I didn’t cheat).

Nest building of many shapes; designs.
(Lust entwines but love combines).

Courting grebes make a wonderful sight.
(No sex – again  – for me last night).

Protective swan gives a warning hiss.
(It’s that abandonment in passion that I so miss).

Sand Martins fly and swoop to feed.
(Maybe a vibrator’s what I need!)

Waterfowl – each nest-building slave
(Talking, sharing is what I crave).

The cacophony of bird song – what a din
(True happiness comes from within)

Geese take off into a sunlit sky
(Ground level’s not enough – I need to fly!)

So as I walk the mile on mile
I hope this post has made you smile!

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