Keeping busy!

I’ve always known that keeping busy helps.  The less time I have to think about ‘my situation’ the better it is for me.

This week has been good so far.  Apart from being viciously busy at work (for once!) I’ve been out every night this week!  And I’m out the next two nights as well!

I’ve been on a “Save the airfield” campaign meeting this evening.  Which adjorned to the pub across the road from where I now live.  It was lovely to be asked.  Three of us ended up drinking beer and concocting schemes to bring the issues  to public attention which had us crying with laughter!  So a really enjoyable evening.

And it’s enjoyable evenings which matter and help.

Wishing and wanting and hoping for magic wands (usually wielded by the LC) don’t.

(Even if the LC seems to be able wield magic wands for others!)

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