Re-reading past posts!

Lots of people – my local friends – and also my local ‘so called friends’ know I blog. What none of them know is the name I blog under! They could of course easily find it if they so chose. They don’t. They’re not that bothered! I don’t really mind if they find it or not!

The ‘so-called’ lot fall into the category of thinking this can’t be doing me any good. That if Alex found it it would make things worse.  But I’ve never slated Alex here.  And anyway  I don’t see it’s for them to decide!!

I’ve been having a re-read during my lunch break today.

And although the posts are enlightening. Why can’t I focus was a real moment of confusion.   (And sadly I feel a bit the same today!!)

It’s the comments that are so helpful, thoughtful and useful. The encouragement and thoughts you all find time to write are so important to me.

AJ’s guest post is so lovely and thoughtful!

It gives me hope – on a day when I am having difficulty believing it – that somehow I will find that elusive thing called happiness again.  That I have to.

I just have to work out how!

So thank you all of you.  And please keep commenting!

Please do leave a comment. I'd love to read what you think

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