It really is all about GIVING

I’ve written about this several times before!  You only have to search my blog to find the posts!

The same message came through loud (very – given the volume of the music!!) and clear in Avenue Q.  All the ‘puppets’ cheered up and were happy once they started giving rather than concentrating on just themselves.  They gave to each other and so found they loved and were loved.  They ceased to take – which wasn’t making them happy at all.

Some very adult messages shone through loud and clear (and some very adult action in parts too….!!)

So what stops us giving.  Or to put it better – giving in the right way.

Alex gave – presents. Quite expensive ones.  He gave me a complete wi-fit system just before we split.  But he wasn’t giving himself.  He was so (and maybe still is) focused on looking inwards, on feeling that things weren’t right for him, he never looked up and saw that actually finding out what I needed him to give just could have been the way out of his closed-in existance.

And what I needed was for him to give himself.

I thought I was giving him all he needed.  I gave him space to follow his hobbies.   I never accepted invitations without checking he wanted to go.

But as he became so focused on his inner self he ceased to tell me what he needed so I just had to guess.

So when did he stop talking?  We used to talk the night away when we were first together.  Fact.

And Why did we stop. Why did we stop focusing on each other.  Or at least focusing on each other in the way that made us both incredibly happy.

And now we both know we went wrong.  Why aren’t we putting it right?  Given we have both been shown that we could.

My LC kept reminding me through my sessions:

“What you focus on is what you get!

So how come – since happiness is what I want – I can’t focus on happiness and so Get It.

Perhaps in my currently muddled mind I have this deep-rooted belief that if I focus on Alex long enough I’ll Get Him!

Who knows!!  It’s a thought though!

The sun is shining.  I need to get going. Take photos.  Give out campaign leaflets.

Live through another day!!

And decide to really enjoy it!!

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