School Report!

I’ve just noticed I’ve been blogging all this for a year now.

So how would my ‘school report’ read!

A difficult one this.   As I have clearly moved up a grade since this time last year.

But I don’t think I would be awarded an ‘A’ in all subjects!  Far from it!

Anyway this is how I see it!!:

Physical Health:
Caroline has now – at long last – returned to a healthy regime of exercise and eating after several months of trauma and injury.

Emotional Health:
At the beginning of the year Caroline really committed herself to improving her emotional health.  She impressed herself with the steps she took.  She sought help and made the most of that help.  Though she did rather avoid doing her homework!

She could have made a great deal more of the sessions she attended.

However, she has also failed to grasp some concepts. In particular the Values and Rules lessons and recently she seems to have lost her way.  Those teaching her, perhaps, need to find different ways of assisting her.

Sense of Humour:
Her sense of humour continues to be her saving grace.  But she still needs to focus on her future rather than her past.  True happiness still seems to be eluding her.

Written Work:
Prolific!  Caroline continues to contribute on a regular basis though some of her work can be rather repetitive.

Caroline comes across as a well-grounded confident girl.  However when challenged it is clear she is hiding a lot of her emotions which she admits she succumbs to when on her own.

Another area where Caroline needs to put in more concentrated effort.



This report is not complete.  Contributions welcome!

2 thoughts on “School Report!

  1. Not a bad report card. I love how you are willing to share your innermost thoughts about your progress. That takes a lot of nerve and a willingness to laugh at yourself. Give yourself a A+ for ‘sense of humor.’

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