School Report Page 2


Caroline has found inspiration from several sources over the last 9 months.

Her main sources of inspiration have been

  • Through her blog
    • Those who comment – especially AJ, Pat, Bye2 and Riderreal and all the others who have brought their wisdom to her posts
    • Others’ blogs – as listed on her site
  • Through her new email / Facebook  friends especially
    • AJ and his wife Jann
    • Pat
  • Her Life Coach
    • Through his teaching, determination, understanding and patience and support
  • Her Friends
    • Through their kindness
    • And the great nights out they organise


Caroline has an incredibly tenacious streak. This is ideal in her working life and when she finds a cause she wholeheartedly believes in.  She is not one to give up.  Her optimism shines through and she achieves results which frequently astound!  (Even if I do say so myself- not very modest of me!!)

However this is proving a stumbling block over her failed marriage as she continues to fight for a resolution which is unlikely to be achieved.  She has to be admired for her tenacity but needs help in understanding that – for once – she is not going to achieve the result she believes in.

This obstinacy is not helping her. (Which is a bit of a bu**er as it is not helping my happiness ‘index’ at all – in fact far too frequently causes spirals down into incredible gloom)

The headmistress’s (or headmaster’s) report has not yet been issued!

4 thoughts on “School Report Page 2

  1. Thank you, Caroline, for mentioning my name is this post. I am honored.

    If I can once in a while say something that gives you hope or encouragement, it the writing is worthwhile.

    We all take steps backward from time to time but mostly you are moving forward. And the stepping backward becomes less and less frequent.

    Here’s to us! Cheers!

  2. Does this mean I get an A! In the world of Tansy this might be scored very differently. Cheers to you Caroline, I’ve learned much about you and much more about myself, who knew counting ducks could be so introspective.

    • You get an A*. Me – I’m not so sure!!! As usual you make me giggle!! And it’s always good to count ones ducks……

      And make them all swim in the same direction!

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