Clearly I am having a positive day!! (music added)

My positive mood is running well today!

I am in the throws of organising a dinner party – chez moi – tonight.  This is the first real dinner effort I’ve done since Alex bolted!

It’s my turn on the dinner rotation we had with 2 other couples.  Once a year we meet up and each year we move the venue round the circle.  Actually it was my turn last year but I’ve been let off for last 2 years as I was totally beyond cooking anybody anything!!

Alex and I used to refer to these evenings as “Competitive Dining!”  as that’s exactly what they are!!  Not on the menu front.  More on a ‘holding the lime-light’ front.  Each couple has one partner in it who ‘really goes’ for  “talking supremacy”  and one partner who definitely stands back and watches.

No prizes for guessing who that was between Alex and me!!  So now I don’t have to worry – I can be as outrageous as I like!!

So it will be me, C (male) and J (female) – competing!!

Actually since Alex left and I’ve been going to the LC Sessions I’ve found I can ‘people watch’ much more.  I’ve lost that need to always be in the forefront of everything.  And listening and watching can be such fun and often more amusing!!

So I’m having a fun afternoon preparing the meal and listening to my Dad’s CD of wonderful classical piano.

Chopin Waltz in A Flat
Played by my Dad!

Something has happened inside my head and if I can hang on to this change then life could just have meaning again.

Just now  – all is right with the world!!!

2 thoughts on “Clearly I am having a positive day!! (music added)

    • Thank you. I’ll upload some more – had to pay WordPress to be able to do it – and then spent ages sorting out how to load his CD and then upload tracks!!!

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