Kisses and Intimacy!

Yup – good proper kisses has a great deal to do with it!

I was watching Pretty Woman again the other evening (I have lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it!!).  One of the rules that Vivienne was told by her hooker friend was “No kissing on the mouth – it’s too intimate”

And, actually, that is amazingly true.  Kissing on the mouth is incredibly intimate.

I’ve been indulging in some ‘blog surfing’ this morning.  By delving into others’ blogs and following links to those who have commented there I came across someone who pointed out that kisses were what was lacking in her marriage.  And it really got me thinking.

As that was one of the things which was lacking so often in my marriage.  Alex avoided kissing.  OK I got kisses but not good deep amazing snogging!!!  And, not surprisingly, that’s what I needed.  Along with hugs for hugging’s sake and even just holding hands a lot.

So Alex couldn’t handle that level of intimacy.  It would appear so.

Yes he could make love to me. And did so!   But I always wondered why I often felt as if my body was just being used.  OK I know I also have this barrier I have to overcome due to what happened to me when I was 15 but no wonder I so often closed down.  The man who assaulted me didn’t kiss me – oh no – that would have been far too intimate.  No he just explored my body against my will.

So Alex has gone off with a woman who is amazingly un-sexy (Yes I know that happens to be my opinion – but hey – this is my blog so I can say what I like!). She is incredibly tall but not in a willowy feminine way.  No she’s – how can I put it – a bit overweight – and solid!  She may have big tits (which I lack)  – and which she flaunts. But that’s it. So I think!

Clearly she’s good in bed!  Well she has to have some redeeming features!!

So there’s Alex who has never allowed himself to really be intimate.  Who finds it impossible to really let himself go emotionally.  And there’s me having similar problems – but for different reasons.  Result:  Disaster!!

It’s been rather an enlightening morning!!  In a good way!!  A sort of ‘Light Bulb’ moment.  How refreshing!

Enjoy your day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Kisses and Intimacy!

  1. The light bulb moments can be painful sometimes but I learn a great deal from them. You’ve done some good work this morning. Good for you!

    Hugs and a happy weekend!

  2. Oh yes…kissing. The Pretty Woman comment is true! Kissing and intimacy go hand in hand and without kissing you might as well be a hooker, at least that’s how I felt. Used.
    Since my breakup I can’t even tell you how wonderful it felt when I had my first kiss with another man…it felt like I had gone to heaven!

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