Emotional Intelligence

My LC has written about this today.

This is the bit I have a huge problem grasping!  Clearly when it comes to emotional intelligence I don’t appear to have any!!

OK I can grasp the concept of wanting a better life, but I appear to be amazingly thick about getting it!!  He says fulfillment is far closer than I think..   All I can say is at the moment it seems to be inhabiting a separate planet to the one I’m on!!   And it’s not as if I don’t want to get there.

So – even though I don’t think I take very good photos – perhaps I’m a better photographer than pupil!

Wednesday’s LC session will not doubt bring more sense to it all (co-incidentally on what would have been my 19th wedding anniversary!) – OK – I know  – don’t look back!!

2 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence

  1. As you toss the emotional debris aside, be on the lookout for the trail out… It’s there, just waiting for you to uncover it. Hope the dinner party went well. AJ

    • I will!! The dinner party was a small turning point. No longer will I sit and listen to competitive dining or listen to someone tell me all about how traumatic it was when she dumped a boyfriend she didn’t want when she was 18 (she’s now been married for 30+ years!). So I told her – with a smile – that not only did she have no idea what she was talking about but she was very lucky not to have gone through real emotional turmoil!!!

      I think it’s time I stopped seeing this particular couple!!!!

      So I enjoyed myself on Saturday evening. But not necessarily for the reasons I expected to!!!

      BTW – The food was fantastic!!!

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