More Divorce Papers

This is really no fun at all!

Last night I finally faced the documents I’d had in the post last Friday.  And – as always – life is never simple.

I’ve had to contact Alex to get some matters sorted out or we’ll end up batting the information back and forth between our solicitors – and that costs!

This has not been good for my emotional state.  It’s all more nails in the coffin so to speak.

Actually this particular coffin has more nails in it than is healthy for any coffin!

4 thoughts on “More Divorce Papers

  1. When the coffin has more nails than wood, it is time to take it to the scrap merchants and then buy yourself something nice with the proceeds.

    • It’s got more metal in it than wood that’s for sure. Despite being somewhat attached to it – I know I must trade it in!

      Thank you for making me smile!!

  2. How well I remember all of that. We paid a fortune in attorneys’ fees in what was supposed to be a cooperative divorce. When it came time to actually go to court and finalize it, D stepped back a bit and hinted that he might like to delay a while (probably money issues). At that point I insisted that we forge on with it. I wanted it over with. No more discussion, no more fees, no more wondering whether it would really happen. Emotionally, I couldn’t take it any longer. I guess I ran out of nails. Hang on!!!

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