Playing the notes

As Eric Morecambe said:

“I am playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.”

And that’s how life feels!  I think Alex and I ‘played the right notes’  most of the time throughout our marriage –  but at the end not in the right order! 

Since he left we have, quite often, been able to play the right notes in the right order – in fact do most of the time when we meet  – we appear to get on so well.

But then he goes away and he stamps on the score, muddles all the notes up, and bashes out a tune which none of us recognise!!  I certainly don’t and I don’t think he does either, neither do his friends.

And now I have to play the notes on my own there is a distinct lack of harmony, no violins, no main theme, no trumpets and only my rather bad piano playing!!!  And I hit far too many wrong notes!!

Still with practice I’m hitting less wrong notes. And maybe soon I’ll get them all in the right order and at the right tempo. Then all I need is the rest of the orchestra!

Well the odd violin would help!!

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