19 years ago today!

19 years ago today I walked up the aisle of our local village church and promised to love Alex until the day I died.

It was a sunny, warm day like today.  It was Easter Monday!

Pity he didn’t buy into the concept at the same level that I did!

I also seem to remember saying “For better, for worse…”

Alex apparently chose “For better but not for worse”

Perhaps the marriage vows should read:

“I promise to love you until such time when someone else appears on the horizon.

I also promise not to make any attempt to resolve any issues I feel we have.

I solemnly promise not to tell you what’s wrong. I will bottle up all my issues and then accuse you of not listening.

I promise to put you  in control – and then accuse you of controlling me

Finally I promise to remain your friend, your lover, to be passionate, to laugh with you, to share adventures together and when it seems the least likely I will leave

Then I promise to bolt at speed – except when I feel a bit unsure, then I’ll come back and rub salt into the wound of your broken heart – just to make sure it REALLY hurts.”

It would meet the reality of life much better wouldn’t it!

7 thoughts on “19 years ago today!

  1. So cynical…yet unfortunately so true.
    I’m sorry for your pain today. Hope you find a way to pass the time. To busy yourself until the clock strikes 12, and yesterdays sorrows are gone. Tomorrow is another day.
    Good luck and big hug.

  2. Like you I have been reflecting on the significance of anniversaries today. Do you think maybe our expectations of relationships is too high? Perhaps not but sometimes I do wonder where we actually get this idea that they are meant to last forever (even though we sorely want them to!). I’ll be thinking of you over this Easter weekend and hope you do enjoy some of it. Keep blogging it out!

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