Today is the new start day!

Actually it’s good it’s 20th April.  As today can now become the day I stop focusing on a past which is as dead as the Dodo and focus on a future where I put all my efforts into creating a life which is fun and happy.  Where I am loved, sexy, amusing, outrageous and all the other things which make me  – me.

After all the one thing all of us should be is true to ourselves and be the person we are supposed to be – from inside. The person we are proud to be.

My Life Coach is right (!!)  hanging on to the past is not an option if I want to be the type of person who attracts others like bees round a honey pot.  And I do.

I don’t want a mediocre future.  I want a fantastic one.

So things I have to do, and do now:

  • Create the type of future I want in my mind so I have some really strong positives to hold and focus on.
  • To  change the flavour of this blog by killing stone dead any future references to Alex and the life we had.
  • Enjoy The Journey (as my Dad was so fond of saying).

I can do this.  I have to.  It’s the only option which makes any sense – for all of us!!

So today is DAY ONE of the NewCaroline, NewOutlook, NewFuture

2 thoughts on “Today is the new start day!

  1. We’re rooting for you Caroline. And looking forward to seeing the progress.
    And just in case those sad days do come (and they will), or you feel yourself start to falter; remember set backs are checkpoints! Stay strong!

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